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For Sale

AS Marston 8 tonne silage/grain trailer,

Fraser 8 tonne silage trailer

Kverneland 85-200-8 5 furrow reversible plough

Bailey plant trailer 2015

MX feeder bucket

AW 10 tonne grain trailer

Strimech BK T20-76, bucket

Bomford Hawk 6.5 hedge trimmer

John Deere 2140

McConnel PA52 hedge trimmer.

JPM 14 tonne dump trailer

Twose TS 525 hedge trimmer

McConnel PA55 hedge trimmer

McConnel PA60,

Hi-Spec 1000 dung spreader

McConnel PA6565T hedge trimmer

John Deere 3650 K reg

West 1600 Dual Spreader

John Deere 6155R

West 1600 Dual Spreader

John Deere 7530

Kverneland E

John Deere 3350 2wd

McConnel PA55E

McConnel PA5570 hedge trimmer

Nissan 25 fork lift truck

John Deere 2500B precision cut

Grays set of ballast rollers

Weeks 10 tonne grain trailer

Fraser 6 tonne silage/grain trailer

Ifor Williams 14ft flat bed trailer

Ifor Williams triaxle cattle box

McConnel PA6070VFR hedge trimmer

McConnel PA6570T hedge trimmer

NC 314 dump trailer 2018

Bomford Falcon 5 hedge trimmer

McConnel PA55 hedge trimmer

Marston 25ft bale trailer

Toyota Invincible Hilux

John Deere 3800 pivot steer handler

Spearhead Twiga 655T

Ifor Williams flatbed trailer

McConnel PA48 hedge trimmer

Kuhn VKM 280 topper

Parmiter post banger

John Deere 3400 handler

AW bale trailer 22ft long

John Deere 3050 J reg

McConnel PA65T

John Deere 459 conventional baler

West 1600 dual spreader

JPM dump trailer 14 tonne

McConnel PA5570 hedge trimmer

Kongskilde Vibro Master 2016

McConnel PA65T hedge trimmer

Claas 1050 T tedder

Marston 10 tonne grain trailer

Spearhead 655T hedge trimmer

McCaully 13 tonne plant trailer

Toyota Invincible truck

Sanderson all purpose bucket

McConnel PA55E

Marshall 8 tonne silage/grain trailer

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